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Needle the most common needle used for cross-stitch is a 24 or 26. As in the fabric gauges, the higher number is a smaller needle. Size 24 is usually for fabric at 14 counts and lower, while size 26 is for 16 count and greater. Sharper needles must be used when stitching with Waste Canvas.

Over-dyed Thread the colours for this thread are obtained by dying one colour of thread with more colours, and obtaining a variegated appearance. As with Variegated Thread you can obtain a variety of effects by sewing your stitches in a variety of ways. For further information on these effects, please see the Tips section on specialty thread.

Palette Stitch This is a stitch used for embellishing your design, typically those such as the French Knot, Italian Cross-Stitch or Algerian Eye. Please see the Tips section on stitches to learn how.

Perforated Paper 14-count paper that looks like Aida cloth, used in making items like tree ornaments and bookmarks.

Petit Point Similar to cross-stitch but done on a much smaller scale, over one thread

Pre-Finished Products are items such as plastic mugs, bookmarks, towels, cards and bibs, which have Aida cloth either sewn into them or inserted after completion. The designs allow for personalization of drinking cups or other items, making them special gifts for the recipient. One of the top suppliers of pre-finished products is Crafter's Pride

Sampler Dating back to Medieval times, the sampler was originally a design sewn on a band of cloth and then used by others for a pattern. They were very popular prior to the advent of printed patterns, and have become a genre of cross-stitch styles.

Scissors Many stitchers just use regular sewing scissors for their work. I find they are fine for trimming the fabric to proper dimensions for sewing, but I prefer the curved needlework scissors for trimming threads. There are many different styles of needlework scissors available, such as stork scissors and bent blade scissors. One well-known manufacturer of needlework scissors is Gingher

Scroll Frames These frames come in a variety of styles, from the simple Q Snap frame to the scroll frame, frame stand, and accessories. These frames keep your project taut while stitching, and do not have to be removed every time you put your project away for the night. American Dreams Products and Artisan Designs are two manufacturers of frames and stands.

Selvage The two finished edges on fabric formed during weaving. The shuttle makes the selvage when it turns to make its return trip through the Warp threads.

Silk Threads There are five basic types of silk thread (in addition, there is silk ribbon); first is Spun Silk thread spun from the threads of an abandoned cocoon. Due to the shorter lengths of the threads, spun silk has a slight shiny lustre to it. The next type of thread is Filament thread, made by unwinding a complete cocoon, resulting in a very long, shiny thread. Several of these filaments are woven together for a single thread. Mulberry Silk is produced by silkworms fed on the leaves of cultivated mulberry trees, as distinguished from Wild or Tussah Silk which is coarser and not as lustrous as the Mulberry Silk. Tussah Silk is generally from India and Northern China, the product of uncultivated silkworms. This silk's natural colour is a darker tan and is not easily bleached. It is a hardier silk, having a higher resistance to sunlight and chemicals.

Stamped Cross-stitch A cross stitch design which is pre-stamped on to the fabric for the sewer, usually purchased in a complete kit with the colour key, floss, needle, and instructions. These patterns are also referred to as pre-embellished, meaning there are parts of the pattern stamped on the fabric but not stitched over. One such supplier of these patterns is DCT Crafts.

Textured Threads These threads can add many different visual textures to your design, from suede strips to a shiny, feathery boa. Textured threads are best when used sparingly, for example to give emphasis to one area of a design. A few Textured Thread companies are Fabulous Fibres, Rainbow Gallery and The Surface Fibres. These threads are a lot of fun to experiment with and add personal touches to your design.

Variegated Thread The variegated shades in this floss is obtained by dying the thread in one metre (3 foot) variations of one shade family. As with Over Dyed Threads you can achieve a variety of effects depending on the method you use to make your stitches.

Warp Threads are put on the loom prior to weaving, they run up and down on the fabric, parallel to the Selvage. If you were to pull a Warp thread out of the fabric, it would be almost flat

Weft Threads woven through the Warp threads by the loom shuttle. They run from side to side on the fabric, perpendicular to the Selvage. If you were to pull a Weft thread out of the fabric, it would be wavy.

Waste Canvas Aida cloth which is basted onto clothing to stitch a design, then gently pulled out, leaving just the design on the clothing.

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