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As the humour page is growing by leaps and bounds we have expanded the humor section from one page to three. The main page, which you are currently on contains you know you're a cross-stitcher when. . . jokes, the General Tom-foolery page includes Murphy's Laws of Cross-Stitching as well as an ode to stitching and the Songs page contains songs written to popular folk tunes.

Click Here to go to General Tom-foolery page.       Click Here to go to the Songs Page.

You Know You're A Cross-Stitcher When…

You think the X-Files is a show about cross-stitching.

Your car knows how to get to Michael's all by itself. (My son is named Michael, but he's not named after * that * Michael.)

You hear on the news that the police confiscated a large stash from a suspect's house and wonder when floss possession became illegal.

You know that UFO really stands for UnFinished Object and have no idea what those NASA people are talking about.

You get party invitations with "please leave stitch projects at home" written under the RSVP line.

Your family finds floss tails in their dinner.

You missed boarding your airplane because you had to finish off one more section.

You realize you should have bought Rubbermaid stock.

You see a brilliant rainbow and know the DMC numbers for each colour.

You have new floss release dates written in your daytimer. (Who me?)